Marathon regulation


Article 1. Presentation

ATRES ADVERTISING, S.L.U., are organizers of the Zurich Malaga Marathon, held on Sunday December 12, 2021, at 08:30 a.m, participation is open to all adults.


Article 2. Approval

The course is 42,195 meters long and officially sanctioned. The event is held under the road racing rules of the IAAF and RFEA, and is integrated into the AIMS calendar.

The course will be marked, and have signs indicating each kilometer mark.


Article 3. Travel

The race begins  and finish in “Paseo del Parque”, opposite to Málaga City Council. The race circuit is public on the official website:


Article 4. Schedule

The start is at 08:30 a.m and the maximum time to complete the course is 6 hours, so the finish line area will close at 14:30 p.m.


Article 5. Devices and gadgets

No form of transport with wheels is permitted to be used during the race (including hand cycles), except for the wheelchairs of the qualified wheelchair athletes, recognized by the federation and officially admitted by the organization. The latter must wear a helmet.




From December 10, 2019, until Monday, December 9, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. registration is available online, or until all 8000 places have been sold out. If race numbers are still available, a stand will be available for late sign up at the runners expo.




55 euros + € 5 for a one day license for non federated runners.

From July 1, price changes and registration deadlines will be communicated on the official website or official social media profiles with a minimum of 10 days notification given prior to any change.


6.1.- To prove eligibility for the disabled category, attach a disability certificate of more than 33% disability to the registration form at the time of registering for the race.

Alternatively, a copy of the ID card verifying the degree of disability can be emailed to the same address.

6.2.– From 20:00 on Monday, December 9, 2021, the registration period will be closed, unless the organization decides to extend this cut off time.



Enter online at, in the entry registration section.


Race entry is individual and non-transferable and implies acceptance of the race rules and technical regulations, including the attached liability waiver (Annex 1).

Upon completion of the race entry registration, the entry is not transferable to another person. Zurich Marathon of Malaga 2021 race participation limit is 8000 participants.


Once the entry registration is completed, the entry fee is non refundable. At the time of registration, you can however, purchase cancellation insurance for your registration, the following three options are available during registration:

1) I do not wish to purchase any cancellation insurance

2) Standard cancellation insurance. Cost is 10% of the entry registration fee.

Until November 30, 2021, a refund is possible for 80% value of the registration fee or defer entry to the 2022 edition of the race.

3) Premium cancellation insurance. Cost is 20% of the entry registration fee.

Until November 30, 2021, a full refund is possible for 100% of the registration fee, or defer entry to the 2022 edition of the race.

Cancellation insurance can only be purchased at the time of entry registration.

The amount of the cancellation insurance is non refundable

Race entries are non transferable, and no changes will be accepted.

Premium cancellation insurance must be acquired at the moment of purchase of the inscription




The following race categories are established:

Sub 20: Athletes who turn 18 or 19 during the year

Sub 23: Athletes who turn 20, 21 or 22 during the year

Senior M / F: Athletes who are 23 or older during the year.

Veteran M 35 / F 35: From 35 to 39 years old.

Veteran M 40 / F 40: From 40 to 44 years old.

Veteran M 45 / F 45: From 45 to 49 years old.

Veteran M 50 / F 50: From 50 to 54 years old.

Veteran M 55 / F 55: From 55 to 59 years old.

Veteran M 60 / F 60: From 60 to 64 years old.

Veteran M 65 / F 65: From 65 to 69 years old.

Veteran M 70 / F 70: Over 70 years old.

Disabled (Mixed) in Wheelchair M / F *

Disabled (Mixed) Physical / Intellectual M / F *

* special categories

* All ages as on the day of the race.

* Minors can not participate in the marathon distance.


The following are the award categories:

Male and Female overall.

Disabled, wheelchair.

Physical / Mental Disabilities

Age groups Male and Female.

Male and Female Top Spanish athletes.




All classification winners are awarded trophies and in some instances prize money.




1st / 1st 3,000 € 3,000 €

2nd / 2nd 2,000 € 2,000 €

3rd / 3rd 1,000 € 1,000 €

4th / 4th 700 € 700 €

5th / 5th 500 € 500 €

* these awards do not include special categories

The prizes (male and female) will be paid in full whenever the following times are met, less than 2:10:00 for men and 2:30:00 for women; otherwise 50% will be paid.

If the times are slower than 2:27:00 for men and 2:55:00 for women, no prize money will be paid.




Malaga Marathon 2h 11:07 “(2018), 2h 31:55” (2017),

* these awards do not include special categories

These prizes are cumulative to those provided for in the individual general classification.

If the course record is broken and is less than 2 h 10 m for men or 2 h 30 m for

women, an additional bonus € 2,000 is paid.




1st / 1st 1,000 € 1,000 €

2nd / 2nd 750 € 750 €

3rd / 3rd 500 € 500 €

* these awards do not include special categories


These prizes are cumulative to those provided for in the individual general classification and are only paid when the times are less than 2:18:00 for men and 2:45:00 for women. Otherwise, 50% will be paid. If the times are slower than 2:27:00 for men and 2:55:00 for women no prize money is paid.

Times slower than 2:10:00 in men and 2:30:00 in women, do not receive prize money bonuses. Prizes in the category of physically / mentally disabled (male and female)

female). All prize money is subject to the legal withholdings and the verification of the time run by the RFEA. The participants who win prize money and are selected for anti doping control, will first receive payment once the organization has been notified of anti doping results.

To collect any prize, you must present your ID, passport or other official documentation that verifies the identity of the athlete.

For athletes who break national or international records, anti doping protocol is mandatory.


All categories are at the sole discretion of the members of the RFEA Judges Committee.

Objections which impact the results of prize allocations must be submitted in writing to the referee, and include a €50 fee. Objections must be raised within 30 minutes of the publication of the results of category winners. If the objection is upheld, the €50 fee is refunded. Other claims must be sent before the Wednesday following the race, to the email address:, marked for the attention of the referee. The race organization will communicate the arbitrator’s decision within 10 days, after which the results will be considered final. Therefore, all trophies and prizes will be provisional until that moment.



The place to collect the Race Numbers will be post on the Official Channels as soos as possible.

To collect the race number, the runners will have to show a copy of the entry registration receipt and the DNI, passport or other official document that proves their identity.

It is not possible to collect numbers on race day.

The numbers must be clearly visible on the front of the chest during the entire race and may not be modified. The numbers include a chip, so they must not be bent or manipulated.



The following are grounds for disqualification:

Provide false information in the entry registration (age, residence, etc.).

Not completing the entire route.

Not passing the timing mats along the route.

Not wearing the number visibly on the chest, or making alterations to the number or hiding the race number.

Running with the number and / or chip registered to another runner.

Failure to comply with the instructions of the judges and / or race organization personnel.

Providing a photocopy of their race number for someone else to run with in the marathon.

Refusal to comply with anti doping protocols.

Displaying unsportsmanlike conduct.

Do not meet the pace time limits inline with the time restrictions set.




Refreshments will be available to the runners on the course and at the finish line. 

There will be aid stations with water and isotonic drink at the 5, 10 and 15 Km marks.



The Zurich Malaga Marathon 2021 will have the necessary medical services to support the runners during the event. The organization recommend all participants take a medical examination prior to the race, and be declared ready for the event and risks derived from sporting activity.  Athletes claim to be in optimum physical condition to participate in the race and do so at their own risk. Any athlete with health issues is obliged to provide advance written notification to the organization, and mark their race number with a red cross and state their name, address, telephone number and health issue. You will be obliged (for your safety) to provide details prior to the race, in writing (indicating your race number). It will be possible to access physiotherapy and podiatry service, which will be provided for the exclusive use of runners who have suffered some type of injury. The Physiotherapy service is however not provided for the purpose of relaxation massages. The medical services are authorized to remove any runner from the course, on developing physical symptoms where ceasing to continue with the run is deemed appropriate.




The organization has an accredited civil liability insurance in relation to the race events.



The organization will have a storage service where race participants can leave their belongings. The organization does not take any responsibility for items stored in the storage area. The storage area staff may ask participants to open their bag before checking them into the storage area, refusal to open the bag may mean the staff will refuse to store the bag.




The only vehicles that will be able to access the course will be those accredited by the organization. It is not permitted to follow the runners in any type of motor vehicle or on wheels (skates, bicycles, etc) by order of local police, people in violation may be removed from the course. There will be a sag vehicle following the race to pick up the runners who do not wish too or can not continue the race. If falling behind the time cut offs for the race participants must either get in the sag vehicle or quit the race, following the instructions provided by the organizations staff.



It is not permitted for groups of people to gather in a way that could endanger the safety of the race participants. Doing so may lead to being removed.




All the participants of the race have via the entry registration process accepted the rules and regulations of the RFEA, FAA, IAAF and AIMS. In case of doubt, the criteria of the organization will prevail.



In compliance with the provisions of Article 5, Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data, we herewith notify you that your personal data (Name, surname and email address) will be collected and submitted to Atres Advertising, SLU, in order to manage the personal data of people who participate in the different activities and events organized by the company, as well as send through any means, including electronic, information and advertising products and services of our company and those sponsors and / or partners of the event. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection of the use of your personal data in writing, enclosing a photocopy of your ID or passport, to the Office of consultation for personal data files, located at Avda. Isla Graciosa Nº13, 28703, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.

If you do not wish to be informed of our products or services send a email to writing the word “Baja” at the mail subject.

The collection and processing of personal data, is intended for use in the registration of participants, and for providing information related to the Malaga marathon. The personal data provided, as well as images and photographs from race day, will be used for the event promotion, as well as for the dissemination of the event news and the final race results in which the following details will be displayed: name, surname, category and nationality.

When you register, you declare that you have been informed of the terms contained therein and expressly consent that your personal data be processed for the aforementioned purposes. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection by writing to: ATRES ADVERTISING, S.L.U. located on Avda. Isla Graciosa Nº13, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.