The race will be held on 10 December

Runners who collected their bib at last year’s event may register for the exclusive fee of €17 until 31 May

The leading communications group has extensive experience organising sporting events such as the Seville Marathon, the Ponle Freno Racing Event and the Renault Street Run

Atresmedia will launch a strong communications campaign over the group channels to encourage runners to enjoy the December long weekend with their families while taking on the big challenge of the marathon

03/05/2017.- The countdown has started for the Malaga Marathon 2017. At midday, the Mayor of the City, Francisco de la Torre, the Head of Events at Atresmedia, Pablo López Barajas, the former twice-world champion athlete, Abel Antón, and the Managing Director of Málaga Deporte y Eventos, José del Río, announced the outline of the world’s main long-distance race.
The starting gun will be fired at 9 a.m. on 10 December for the 42,195 m race with the participation of a maximum of 6,000 runners. They will be divided into 16 categories — both men’s and women’s.
As the result of an agreement signed with the Malaga City Council in March this year, Atresmedia will be responsible for organising the Malaga City Marathon until 2020. The date set for it is 10 December as a mark of respect to runners who may have arranged their schedules expecting it to be held on a similar date to previous years.
Spain’s leading communications group has extensive experience in sporting events and collaboration and assessment from Motorpress Ibérica, the organiser of the Seville Marathon. Its achievements include the organisation of the Ponle Freno Race, which has been beating participation records for the past 8 years and had 20,000 runners at the latest event and achieved the status of circuit in 2017, holding 5 races at different places around Spain. More than 20,000 runners take part in the second circuit organised by Atresmedia —Renault Street Run— with stops in the capital cities of Spanish provinces, including cities as committed to the world of running as Madrid, Valencia or Malaga itself.


Exclusive registration fee for 2016 participants

One of the first measures adopted by the new organisers was to show their empathy for any inconveniences caused by the cancellation of the 2016 event. To do this, they are offering an exclusive registration fee of €17 for runners who collected their bib last year. Anyone who would like to take advantage of this offer must register for the race on the website before 31 May..

For other runners who would like to register for the marathon as of today, there are also very appealing rates. Federated athletes can get their bibs for €45 (and non-federated for €50) if they register before 30 June. As of that date, fees will gradually rise to a maximum of €85 for athletes who decide to register the last days.


Among the best marathons in the south of Europe and aspiring to entry the bronze category

Malaga City Council would like to see the main long-distance race to continue to grow as it has been doing since 2010.The run is catalogued by many as one of the best marathons in southern Europe. This belief on a national and international scale has led to its forming part of the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distances Races) calendar, which contains the 350 most important distance races in the world.
In the same line as making the Malaga Marathon an essential event on the calendar of runners all around the world, one of the main aims of Atresmedia is for the run to achieve bronze category.
This seal guaranteeing quality, safety and comfort for participants will be achieved by compliance with all of the requirements set by the IAAF in relation both to the sporting standard of the race and to organisational factors. These include compliance with a strict protocol regarding the measurement and safety of the route, the participation of elite professional athletes and specific doping control processes on a long list that would place the Malaga Marathon amongst the best in the world.
In addition, in relation to the quality of the race, the organisers are working to ensure the route is straight and has an elevation variance of 0. The commitment to an almost flat route is centred on the aim of making the Malaga Marathon an ideal race for elite athletes aiming to beat their records and a doable début for newcomers to the difficulties of a marathon.
This race has been awarded the Sustainable Event seal by the Malaga City Council for meeting sustainability criteria planned and tested by the Municipal Awareness Programme “Málaga Cómo Te Quiero!?” (Malaga I love you).
This seal obliges organisers, sponsors and participants to adopt strategies and measures to minimise the impact on the cities that host this type of event, basically with reference to waste generation and recycling of the same and to the use of sustainable means of transport (public transport, bicycle or carpooling) for getting to the event.
This is how we manage to ensure that this type of run does not leave a mark on the city, offering participants resources and allowances so they can be involved in achieving a more sustainable city. If we mind our habits, we mind Malaga.
With regard to prizes for the winners, the first man and the first woman receive €3,000 plus €1,000 extra if they break the record for the race, which is currently 2h 13’10” for men and 2h 37’46” for women. In addition, the organisers are awarding a prize of €600 to the first Andalusian man and woman.
Bibs will be collected at the Runner’s Fair (Feria del Corredor), which will be set up, as usual, on Friday 8 December (from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and on Saturday 9 December (from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).
There will be refreshment stations with water and isotonic drinks at KM 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 and with solid foods from KM 20 on.


The city of Malaga – a perfect setting for a winter marathon

One of the greatest appeals of this long-distance run is the city where it takes place. Malaga has perfect weather for a race at this time of year. With a daily average of 17ºC, Malaga has one of the warmest winters in Europe. The city has an average of 300 days of sun and only 50 of rain throughout the year.
In addition, its variety of tourism and cultural options allow runners and their families to enjoy their stay in the city apart from taking part in the marathon. The date was strategically chosen for the December long weekend to make it easier for participants to turn it into a pleasure trip and, in addition to overcoming the sports challenge, to discover the charms of the capital city of the Costa del Sol.
Thanks to its tourist appeal, Malaga has a strong hotel and transport infrastructure, which means it can accommodate all of the runners who visit the city to take part in the run. Its airport is established as one of the most important in Europe, having surpassed 16 million incoming passengers from different parts of the world. With regard to its hotel capacity, we just have to look at the figures for last year for endorsement, when the city accommodated more than 1.2 million tourists.


Abel Antón – the ambassador for the Malaga Marathon

The Malaga Marathon is honoured to have the renowned professional athlete Abel Antón as the race’s ambassador. The twice World Marathon Champion, considered one of the best Spanish athletes of all times, stands out not only for his countless titles but also for his versatility adapting to different distances and the times he has achieved: he was always a good runner in the 5,000 m and, over the years, he also achieved significant success in the 10,000 m (gold medallist in the Helsinki European Championships ’94) and ended his sports career having been twice World Marathon Champion (Athens ’97 and Seville ’99).


A strong communications campaign on Atresmedia channels

The Atresmedia Group will use all the strength of its channels to support the Malaga Marathon – an event that combines sport for fun and tourism. The company will put a strong communications campaign in place to promote the run and encourage runners to enjoy the December long weekend with their families while they take on the big challenge of running this long-distance marathon. A promotion plan focussed on highlighting not only the values of the marathon but also the tourist appeal of Malaga, from which both the city and the event sponsors will benefit.
This large national campaign —with a presence on all of the group’s television stations, its radio stations and online media— will have strong back-up at national level thanks to the support of the media in the Motorpress Ibérica Group and the presence of the Malaga Marathon at international fairs promoting both the run and one of its main appeals: the city itself.