Food during the race

How should I eat during the race?

The Zurich Malaga Marathon is getting close and we want you to tackle it with the best guarantees.

During a marathon, the key to completing the race, whatever your goal, is hydration. The first ones to reach the finishing line never miss a refreshment point along the way.

Use the water points— generally every 5 km—to take short sips of water. Like for the half marathon, we recommend drinking half a glass of water or isotonic drink every 15 minutes and recharging 100 calories every half an hour.

You can stop and drink more slowly and/or carry a little bottle of water with you and drink as you run. I insist: drinking during the marathon means you won’t have to give up – memorise that. Some studies recommend replacing carbohydrates every 10 km although some marathon runners complete them perfectly without doing this.

If your friends and family are coming to watch you, you can give them energy drinks with fast-digesting carbohydrates in case you need them from the half-way point. If you have nobody to help you, you can carry energy gels or bars, fresh fruit or raisins in your pocket to avoid hypoglycaemias during the race.