Useful training tips

Get in practice with our 10 commandments!
  1. Before starting training, visit your doctor for a check-up so they can tell you if you are in good shape—or not— for starting training and for running the marathon. A treadmill test at a specialist laboratory is a great help.
  2. Make time to train systematically. We recommend training at the same time, insofar as possible, and having the same time for breaks and meals. You must have a 10 to 12-hour break between training sessions. With regard to food, try to wait 2 hours after your last meal before training and make sure you eat something solid within 60 minutes after training.
  3. Have the appropriate material: special sports shoes and a stopwatch are basic essentials. Comfortable clothing suited to the weather conditions.
  4. Hydration before, during and after exercising is a basic cornerstone of your training. Always take a bottle of liquid to training sessions and/or choose routes with access to hydration along the way.
  5. Do not let tiredness accumulate, listen to your body, perceive sensations and decide which training to do. Control your resting heart rate and our weight every day. This is a great way to record our physical shape and prevent possible risk of fatigue or over-exertion.
  6. Train in company, whether with a partner or with a group. In addition, it’s always a good idea to tell a friend or relative when and where we are training in case of any emergencies.
  7. Keep to your established routine. Do not skip steps or stages of your training.
  8. Train in a pleasant, relaxed way. Training has to be serious and rigorous, respecting your health above all, but that does not mean it should not be pleasant.
  9. Choose suitable ground and circuits for training. The best surfaces are earth or grass, leaving the track and asphalt for more specific training.
  10. Enjoy training, sports and company on a daily basis. Being and feeling positive is essential to achieving our goal.