Zurich Marathon Malaga will have hundreds of participants debuting the 42 kilometers and 195 meters distance. Doing a marathon for the first time is a challenge, but we will make it easy for you. We have provided three tips below to help you get to the start line ready.

It is very important in your first marathon, both in training and on race day, that you do not get swept up in racing other people. This can lead to problems later in the race. It is important that you are in control of your pace, even more so when completing the distance for the first time. Remember: if you run at a pace you did not train for, you risk ruining your race, and the months of preparation you did for it.

We always recommend that you use your race day kit in training. Everything from head to toe, so shoes and socks, T-shirt or running vest, and shorts. This helps you find the kit which is the most comfortable for you and helps to avoid chaffing or blisters. Do not use  new kit on race day!!

To minimize stress prior to the race. It is best to have a plan for the final days and hours before Zurich Marathon Málaga. Having a plan or check list, gives you peace of mind that you have done everything and are ready for race day e.g timing chip, breakfast, warm up… Do not leave anything up  in the air!